Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life throws you all kinds of curves....

Yesterday I lost a beloved pet. Today I got my daughter back! My youngest daughter, Leo, and I have been estranged since June of last year. I've seen her a few times when she would visit with her dad but she and I haven't spoken since June but for one failed attempt to resolve things in December. Today she came to my office with flowers and an early mother's day card with an "I'm sorry" which is all I wanted to hear from her. I've missed her so much. Life feels much more complete right now.


  1. With a day of saddness God gave you a wonderful gift the next day, your daughter. I am so glad she and she is back where she belongs; with you.

  2. Elena, may we be able to have the heart of the Father in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, and accept and forgive the past and start fresh. Your other children may not understand but we are at the age where we don't care if others understand us or not. As a mother I am very very happy for you.

  3. God is sooooo good and faithful! He says in His Word that no one will be able to snatch His children from His Hands. Welcome home Leonor! I miss you too!