Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weekend at the Jersey Shore

On October 15 I flew to New Jersey to spend the weekend with my "crew".  I was invited to Teri's new house for the weekend and I am so glad I went.  It recharged me.

If you are very lucky you have people in your life who motivate you, who make you feel loved without saying a word, who make you feel valued and PART of something.  I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else but me but that's it in a nutshell.

Eileen Bellomo, Teri Flemal, Pat Tillery and I spent the weekend cooking, doing art, talking and watching movies and it was like a shot of mind vitamins for me.  I will forever be thankful for these friendships.

Teri got us each two pumpkins to decorate.  Her house
looks so pretty wither halloween decorations.

.My baby boy!!!!  Love him!
He is the cutest thing EVER.

 Teri's home is so beautiful and the area surrounding
it is also.

I always thought of New Jersey as dirty and ugly. Boy
was I wrong!

This place is amazing.

 Eileen introduced us to a new tool that
does the loops for the beading!!  I love it!

Pat taught us the coptic stitch.  I already forgot it
but plan to use it!

Pat is such a great cook.  She always has these
fabulous recipes for food that is not only good
but healthy.

Eileen is the salad queen so she makes all our

Teri just drinks!!!

 We went and took a class blowing glass!  It was really fun
and different.  I don't think I would take this up as a hobby
but the pieces we saw were absolutely gorgeous.  We each
made a small pumpkin which is great because every holiday
it will remind of this time together.

The weather was SPECTACULAR!

 Teri's new house is beautiful.  The neighborhood is also.  Hmmmmmm..... wonder how she would feel about having me for a neighbor????


Beautiful evening view of the Jersey Shore.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was hanging with Cody!

 Check out Eileen's owl mask!  Absolutely gorgeous!***

 Teri's altered halloween tin was fabulous!!!

Thank you ladies for an awesome weekend!

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