Saturday, August 29, 2015


Another Ali Edwards story kit.  I will be starting this one tomorrow.  This prompt really inspires me for many reasons.   I have never felt I really had any "roots".  I always wanted to live in one house for my entire life - raise my children and grandchildren within the same walls.  But that was never the case.  We as children were never brought up in the same house; never lived for more than a few years in one place.

As an adult I was married very young and divorced.  Something I never wanted.  I wanted to marry and stay married my whole life to the same person.  To raise our chilren, our grandchildren together.  To get old together.... Unfortunately that just didn't happen.

I love my family - always have.  I was raised with my mother's family and never met my father's family until 1998.  Never had the "roots" I've always wanted.  Didn't really know anything about that side of my family for many many years.  Having met them, I see so much of me in them.  So much of them in me and in my siblings, my neices and nephews.  The connection is undeniable.  The "roots" identifiable.

And with my own family - my children and grandchildren - I have started to plant roots of my own.

This will definitely be an interesting prompt/project for me.

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