Monday, August 24, 2015


As my friends know, I love Ali Edwards.  I love the simplicity and the depth in her work.  It's not just about pictures or pretty embellishments - it's about words and feelings and well..... the Story.

This new series - well it's not really NEW - is fabulous.  If you subscribe to the kit and the stamps (which I do) you get these wonderful things to work with.  But again, it's really not about that - it's about the words.

The first one I am doing (I have all of them and am only starting them now) is FIRSTS.  Firsts in our lives are always so meaningful.  One way or another.  I love this prompt but have mixed feelings about the stories.

Most of my "firsts" were with the Father of my children.  My first marriage, my first home away from my parents, my first child, my first car....... so many firsts!  But the fact that he is no longer my husband does not change the fact that so many firsts were with him.  I know this is something that my husband would not like to read but it's real and it's true and it's what it is.

I was married at 18.  He was my first crush at 8 years old.  My first kiss at 10.  My first lover when we got married.  My first child.  He taught me how to drive my first car.  My first law office.  He was also the first thing I had ever given up on.  My first failure.  My first time feeling so raw and so unwanted.

I have such a hard time thinking of any "firsts" after my marriage broke up.  At least firsts that were so meaningful.

I will keep thinking.......

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