Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The days are slipping by

Haven't had a chance to come back and blog since my trip to Cuba. Lots of good things happening but very short on time. Last night I saw the movie The Butler. It was an amazing amazing movie. It makes you sad, disgusted, angry, and a million other emotions all at one time.<br />

<br />

What a shameful chapter in our country's history.  And when we look at it we have to realize that this happened in our lifetime!  Or at least in mine.  This is not something that happened 200 years ago. I was repulsed at what I saw and totally blown away by the fact that this actually happened in the United States.  I don't believe anyone can look at that movie and not have the same feelings that I did.  It makes me wonder why it is that we've always gone to the rescue of every other country in the world, fought against every injustice in those other countries, and treated our own citizens like animals.  <br />
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If you haven't seen that movie, do yourself a huge favor and watch it. Not only is it an exceptional movie, but it is one that will make you FEEL.

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