Saturday, October 19, 2013


I am excited about this project life.  I think it will be a very personalized way to scrap your days. As usual, I have purchased just about everything that goes with project life. And there is not one thing I regret buying. It's fun to sit there with just pictures and blank pages and not have to stress about embellishments or anything else although you can put them on too.  

To  me project life is not so much about the pretty things on the scrapbook page but about the pictures and the thoughts that go along with them. I have done several pages that I'm happy with. I need to go back and write.  

It is also good practice because I have decided that as of January 1 I will do the project life page for every week. Obviously things happen in your life even if it's just seeing a beautiful bird you photograph or an old lady dancing to the sound of her iPod,   Kittens in the street, the wonderful smell of fresh donuts- the smell is enough to take you back when you were a child.

Yea.....  I think I ,am going to love Project life

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