Thursday, August 1, 2013


I was retained by a very sweet man to represent him in a divorce he truly did not want.  He is a very educated man with a high ranking job.  A man who lived for his wife and daughters.  The idea of a divorce, of being away from his daughters and of losing the love of his life was devastating to him.

She has been callous.  Totally without regard for his feelings.  She just focuses on  herself and what she wants without thinking.  She has been married to this man for 18 years.  She knows him better than anyone.  I understand that people fall "out" of love.  I really do.

But how can you just make a decision to do what you want to do without giving the effects of your actions any consideration whatsoever?  I have been practicing family law for 20 years and this is still a question that I can not answer.  I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

My client killed himself yesterday morning.  Walked over to a park and shot himself in the head.  I guess she wont have to worry about how much she can get from him now.


  1. Elena, this is just so heartbreaking. My prayers are with you and his children.