Friday, January 11, 2013


Okay so here's the story.  I had never so much as owned or turned on a sewing machine until I took Mary Ann Moss' class - Remains of the Day.  (The most AMAZING and ADDICTIVE class ever!  HIGHLY recommend it.) But I digress....

When I took that class I bought a Brother's sewing machine.  I spent two days trying to thread the damned thing and ended up taking it to a friend to show me!!  I came very close to throwing it away but I really wanted to do the class so....  It is a simple sewing machine with a couple of doo dads but nothing which would stretch your brain too much.

I did a few fabric journals with my Brother and was quite happy with it.  Then I get involved in fabric journals, lace journals..... and I want a machine that has more doo dads!  So I went out and bought a Singer Stylist II.  Very easy to thread, very easy to use, easy to move from table to table.  Very happy!!!  Have done a bunch of things on it and really love this sewing machine.

I had seen a surger during a YouTube video and had discussed it with my buddies in my groups and they all agreed it was a really cool thing but probably difficult to use.  

I remember when I was a kid in the early 70s, the garment factories in Miami would send out work to be done in homes.  My grandmother was one of those at home pieceworkers.  She had a regular Singer machine (the industrial kind with the table and the foot lift next to your thigh) and she had what I knew as a "mero" (in spanish).  I had no idea what it was called in English.  Now I know it's a surger.

I bought one today.  No idea how to use it and, frankly, not sure what I can use it for but I had to have it.  I was "saddened" when my buddy Eileen - a woman on whom I can count on ALWAYS for support in my crazy purchases, writes to me and says "I don't know why in the world you would need it."  REALLY?????  Does my wonderful friend not KNOW me after all these years???  The purchase of the surger has absolutely nothing to do with NEED and everything to do with WANT!!!

So, can someone out there tell me why I need this machine and what I can use it for??????

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  1. You never cease to surprise me. Only you would buy a serger first and ask what to use it for second.

    It is a fabulous machine, as it sews and finishes edges all in one step. It's particularly useful for working with knits and sweatshirt material, leaving you with a very professional edge.

    Can't wait to see what you'll do with it!

  2. There is probably 101 things you could do with this! I'd start with a class at Joann's first though. I'd take my husbands old concert t-shirts which he refuses to part with and turn them into quilt for him.

  3. Listen, I'm happy enough to have mastered the threading of my $89 Brother. Just looking at all the threads on a serger makes my head hurt.
    But of course I support your purchases. I just needed to know what your plans were for this one; but like Teri said, only you would buy first and ask questions later. You are one of a kind, my friend. Love ya!

  4. If you were closer I could show you all about it. (I have used one for 20 years or more.) Threading it though is a class all by itself so I would take one at Joann's or where ever you bought it before you give up and throw that one out the window.

  5. How fun, I too want one!! I can't wait to hear about the fun things you realize you can make now! If you are loving making journals and need (or want ;) and art retreat come check out the one I've got planned!! Journal making and leather cuff making!! WILL BE SO FUN!