Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mail Art Project

In one of my groups I signed up for a mail art project.  I am really glad I did.  I had never done it before and I really enjoyed it.

I had seen a youtube video where the artist made mail art using regular office manilla file folders.  I loved the idea of the envelopes being strong and tried my hand at a few of those.

You start with a letter size manilla folder and you cut it to the size you want your envelope to be.  (Don't throw away the other part of the folder!!  You can cut tags out with the Alterations Tag Die!).

After some collage, some stamping and some this and that.....

Voila!  Mail Art!

This one was also done with a file folder by with color sprays instead of paper collage.

I wanted to see how a regular Size 10 envelope would work out with mail art.  Not happy at all.  I opened the envelopes to be able to work on it as one sheet.

I sprayed the envelope with some beautiful sprays from Lindeys' Stamp Gang.  The paper was so flimsy I was not at all happy.  I thought maybe it would stiffen some after being sprayed.  NOT!

When the envelope continued to be way too flimsy, I covered the inside of the envelop with black cardstock. NOW we're talking.

Some stamps...   and MORE mail art!

I need to send out 10 in total so 6 down and 4 to go!


  1. They are lovely Elena....they are great fun to do aren't they?

  2. Wow wow wow. You really have a talent for this!!!! Love them.

  3. I realy like these Elena. And you know whaT? I'm one of the happy recipients. Ha, ha looking forward to that one.

  4. How much fun are these!?! And I'm sure it will bring a smile to the postal workers when they see it. Outstanding!!

  5. What a super cool thing to do, to make, to trade!!! I love it! You do collage so well!

  6. Love them Elena! I wish I could have joined in the mail art swap this round.