Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Papi

Today would have been my father's 77th birthday.

He should not have left us so early.

I remember listening to people say they wanted one more day - it always seemed sort of masochistic to want one more day to go through the loss a second time.

Yet now I would give up 10 years of my life to spend one more day with my dad. To look into his beautiful blue eyes and ask him stories about the family I didnt know, the family he loved so much. Or just to hear his voice on the phone, the mama hen always concerned about where her chicks are.

Most of all I miss just knowing he is there - totally and unconditionally.

I LOVE YOU PAPI. I MISS YOU SO MUCH. I want to believe you are watching over us and that one day I will be able to hug you again.

I had the most amazing father anyone could have ever had and I am very very proud to be your daughter.

The kids are growing. Melissa is pregnant again! Charlie is still battling his demons and I pray you look over him Papi - please.
Kristina has two more little girls, maddie abd Savannah. They are both amazing and you would adore them.

Hapoy birthday papi. I love you.

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  1. This is so sweet. No father could ask for more.

    I miss my dad, too. I miss being his little girl. Our parents are meant to go before us in life, but it's never easy.