Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm finally back on track!

So many things have happened during the past few months! Two trips to Cuba, a great Memorial Day weekend with my grand daughters, birthday parties, art.... Way too much to catch up on. I keep putting off writing until I have the time to catch up with everything but obviously that just is not going to happen!!

As you guys know I host several round robins. We are starting a new one called Vintage Ancestors which I am REALLY looking forward to. This is the way it goes:

Each one of the artists creates or buys a journal. I am going to make mine using an old vintage photo album using Mary Ann Moss' FULL TILT BOOGIE Class which is just AMAZING!!! And PERFECT for this project!

Everyone knows how the round robin works - the journals will travel to each artist. The artist will do a two-page spread and will include at least one cabinet card (or more) on one page and on the other she will journal about this "ancestor". Since the project is about ancestors, the next person, using the same technique will build on that story and introduce the next "relative". We have some very creative people in our group so I am really excited to see how this project evolves!

I will now get back on track with my blog! See you soon!

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  1. this endeavor sounds absolutely fascinating, Elena. I hope you chronicle it as time goes on. Now the I have nothing but time on my hands, I will look forward to reading and seeing more.