Friday, June 29, 2012

Credit Card Flowers

I have always loved Martha Lever. I have taken several classes from her and have really enjoyed them.

I joined 21 SECRETS and she is one of the teachers in that class. She has this wonderful class called CREDIT CARD FLOWERS. It is quick and easy and I LOVE the results. This is my very first attempt at the credit card flowers and I am quite happy with it! If you are not familiar with Martha, go check her out. She is so sweet with that southern accent of hers and her teaching stylei s simiple and effective.

They are actually done with cut up credit cards!! (I should probably have cut up the UNEXPIRED ones too!!!)


  1. Elena, these are beautiful!! These were really your first attempts? i think you are a natural at this. Love them!!

  2. Really gorgeous! I've had this on my list, but right now I am totally into Joanne Sharpe's Letter Love online class. I'm obsessed! I'll get to the flowers when my lettering obsession dies down. Believe me, I have plenty of credit cards that need cutting up, LOL.

  3. Oh yes cut one up and show US how you did it looks like you paints them free handed.. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I will cut mine up just as soon as I pay it off! LOL! Not too soon!LOL!Love your flowers!