Sunday, April 1, 2012


I still owe you guys the last day of Keys 4 Art (Kathy's class) and some shout outs but I want to share yesterday's experience first!

Yesterday Jacquie and I spent the day at the fabulous Paper Niche in Broward County taking classes with the fab MARAH JOHNSON. So WHO is Marah Johnson you ask? Well I didn't know either! I signed up for her classes (a) because it's a fun way to spend the day with my BFF and (b) I liked the samples I saw. Well, I am so glad we took these classes!

Not only did I enjoy the classes, but I really loved Marah! She is funny and laid back and funky and... well.... FUN! If you have the opportunity to take a class with her don't miss out@!

Your truly, Marah Johnson and Jacquie
We did an altered book with a niche. The idea was to do just the cover, a page and the niche but Jacquie and I decided to use the book as an altered book with pages before and after the niche to play on. This was my niche.

This one is Jacquie's niche:

We spent the rest of the evening just doodling and using the new Silk Acrylic Paints (YOU MUST HAVE THEM ALL!!!!) which we both loved!

This is Jacquie's very cool face on old book paper painted with silks and H2Os.
This is my face which I drew with pencil and colored the same way. She still is not finished but I am putting her in my journal!

We doodled different things which was a lot of fun too.

Again, if you do not know Marah, go visit her blog and find a new friend!

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  1. I love love love these pieces. I am so glad you guys had such a fun time.