Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moving Ahead Journal - New Layout

I am reading Life is a Verb. The book is written by a woman whose stepfather lived for only 37 days after being diagnosed with cancer. Part of me relates to this book because of my own father's death. I am doing The Book of Days with Effy Wild and she is the one that recommended the book. It really makes you think.

This is one of the layouts for Book of Days: If I had 37 days to live I would..... Wow!! Can you imagine? What would YOU do?

Then you lower the tag and I have written things I would do if I had 37 days to live. I wonder if these things would be different if I really was facing this time limit on my life?

If you have not met Effy; if you have not gotten involved in The Book of Days, please go check her out. She is marvelous and so very inspiring!


  1. your pages are beautiful Elena
    Love your photo.
    Interesting and thought provoking for sure

  2. I can see that you are very inspired by Effy and her ideas. You're doing fabulous things.

  3. Wonderful pages Elena!!!!! Love the pic! Very thought provoking!