Monday, January 9, 2012


A wonderful lady by the name of Cheryl left me a message on my blog recommending I go look at The Book of Days for journaling inspiration. I was THRILLED!!! I recommend EVERYONE go look at that for inspiration! Cheryl sent me the email while I was at work and I of course immediately went to look. Can I tell you it was HARD to actually concentrate on work!!??? LOL!!!

Anyway, I got home at 6:00 totally inspired to journal in my Moving Ahead journal!! This is what I've done today:

I have received emails asking that I post pictures of the Moving Ahead journal as some of my online sisters do not have high speed internet and can not view the videos. I promise to post pictures of everything tomorrow. For tonight I am wiped out! LOL!


  1. I love it, art journaling is on my to do list this year. I have never done it before. I started on it last night a little.
    Thanks for the inspirations

  2. I am so frickin impressed! One day a whole journal and the next a ton of cool pages that all pertain to YOU!!! I do hope you keep working in this one and finish it. If you keep up doing what you have so far, you are gonna have an awesome journal, my friend. I watched your first video the other day, but my computer had to be on mute.... hubby was asleep, so I just watched it again. Kind of fun to watch it on mute and just see all the hand motions and try to figure out what you might be saying! ha!

    You are definitely on a roll and glad your muse came back from vacation with mine... they must have been together as they seem to have returned at the same time! I finished Val's Asian pages last night and tonight I finished 5 of my Sisters in Art tags. Only 9 more to go!....
    Love ya, marita

  3. Book of Days has really inspired you to do some wonderful things. I'll have to go take a look. How much weight have you lost? Congratulations!!

  4. Well, I'm glad I can watch your video! Great job on your book... gave me some ideas.
    I send you sweet blessings for your new year.... I think we've shared some family issues in the past, so I send them my prayers too, and I just know that this will be a wonderful year for you!

  5. Elena, how wonderful to start the year with a mission and to take another step on your journey each day. I love your enthusiasm and fearless approach!

  6. you are doing some amazing work my friend. love what you are doing and how you are moving forward
    love ya

  7. Well, I don't know if I would say "lady" LOL. Glad you enjoyed it and wow! You did a lot already! way to go.


  8. Love your journal so far. What a great concept! Love how you found all those titles already from magazines.
    Aloha, Kate

  9. Hi, Elena~
    I am one of those out here in the "No-Zone". I so appreciate that you are also posting written and pictorial art, beside videos. I would be dismayed not to be able to view your wonderful art. Thanks!
    Judi Middleton