Thursday, December 8, 2011


This is something I remind every one about every single year. DON'T STRESS ABOUT CHRISTMAS!!! It's supposed to be a wonderful, happy time. The world is TOUGH right now. Many do not have jobs and for those of us that are fortunate enough to have one, it's still very VERY hard to make ends meet. This month it's not just the worry about how to make the bills, it's the stress of Christmas presents we can't afford to buy.

I decided several years ago that I was not going to fall into that trap any more. I refuse. I have a wonderful family who, thank God, need nothing. I have 3 beautiful grand children who - again, thank God - need NOTHING. So here are my choices - I can either get totally stressed out wanting to buy everyone something or I can be happy and stress free and show them I love them by being HAPPY!

My grand babies are just that - grand babies. Anything under the Xmas tree will be exciting for them. My children know I love them and I do for them all year long. My brothers and sisters in law understand how life is and so do my nieces and nephews.

So this year I am hosting a "noche buena" party - Xmas eve party - at my house. I will feed everyone, play some wonderful music, dance and laugh and talk with them. We will end the night with a toast to having gotten through another year together and THAT will be my Christmas present to my family.

Enjoy your Christmas! Five years from now nobody will remember what you gave them for Christmas but they WILL remember how much fun they had with you during Christmas!!! They WILL remember some wonderful cookies you baked or the pretty decoration at your home.

Give your mind and soul a rest! If this was your last Christmas... if you KNEW that you would not live to enjoy another one... would presents be what's important? Giving OR receiving?

Bottom line my friends... live this Christmas like it's your last and you wont care about whether or not you can afford presents nobody will remember any way.


  1. Good advice!Thanks

  2. Elena
    You have expressed this so eloquently. I wish everyone could take this advice and use it for every day.
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Lovely sentiments Elena!
    Happy Happy Holiday to you and yours

  4. Hello Elena,

    completely agree !
    We are here in the same position : we don't NEED anything, just being together as a family and having fun together is what is important !

    greetings from belgium

  5. Amen, Sister! great message full of love and a much needed knock on the head to keep us all in the now!
    Thanks, Elena you are wonderful!

  6. Well said Elena and so eloquently .

    I so agree!

  7. Oh, such words of wisdom.... We got out all the decorations... top to bottom to fill our home with cheer and plan to welcome friends in to share and spend quality time with them to show them how important... YOU ARE SO RIGHT! And the first couple to come to our house are GINA AND BARRY in celebration of Gina's birthday, SO YES, don't forget it's coming up... 12/11/11!!!!!