Monday, November 28, 2011


As always, we spent Thanksgiving at my brother's Julio's house. I love Thanksgiving for the one reason that we are all together. This year was a little tough emotionally though.

My father, as you all know, left his entire family in Cuba to bring us here in 1966. For the first time we have a ton of my dad's family here (they have all recently come from Cuba) and he is not here to see it. His whole life he wanted so badly to have his family here with him. And now that they are here - he's not. Well, I am sure that God has a reason for why He does what He does.

My brother Julio had this beautiful urn made for my dad's ashes. I am sure my dad was smiling down on us this day. I miss you papi - you have no idea how much.


  1. Beautiful pictures and precious memories. Your grand-babies are soooo big! Love the photo of your dad at the end.

  2. Lovely photos, Elena. You are blessed with a beautiful family. Your dad would be so proud to see all of this -- and the truth is, I know he is seeing it.

  3. What a beautiful family you have! Your Dad is close always...he is filling your heart every day. :) *hugs* to you!

  4. Elen, your are so blessed to have family around you we moved 3300 miles to be with his family after we was gone 35 yrs to calif we move back to indiana , and we invited all this family to come see our new house and they all said we dont do that any more we are to old and you live 3 hours from us so guess they dont love you as much as we through ,,, SO you SEE you all made me CRY.......MaryR