Monday, March 7, 2011

Remember How You Felt

On Christmas Eve when you were a kid? The excitement and anticipation of waking up the next day to gifts and fun? That is the way I feel tonight! LOL!

First I picked up Lillian (Mederak) who came from Canada for our retreat. Last night Sarah (Walker) arrived from Australia. This afternoon I picked up Gina (Goodling) and Marita (Kovalik).

Tomorrow? Tracy (Kaufman)from Washington state; Eileen (Bellomo) and Teri (Flemal) from New York; Jennifer (Rogers-Daniels) and Julie Nutting (yes, THAT Julie Nutting) from California; Valerie (Brincheck) and Ingrid Dijkers (yes, THAT Ingrid Dijkers) from Michigan; Daisy (Cooper) from Florida; and Sue (Young) from Ohio.

Can't wait! Tomorrow everyone needs to catch up, unpack and relax. We are having dinner catered at the house and will have a wonderful musician who will bring 3 hours of Karaoke for us! I figure after a few mojitos I can be Celine Dion! Or maybe Reba?! I am so looking forward to this event! Will keep you posted!

I am definitely in the mood to celebrate! Charlie is doing so good. He sounds happy and relaxed and like my son again. Today he told me he had forgotten how good it felt to be sober. God is working miracles in my child. All your prayers are heard and you all have my undying gratitude for caring about this man-child who is my life.

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  1. I have two hours til my pickup for the airport. I've barely slept, I'm so excited! Karaoke???? Good lord, I am a woman of many talents, but singing is NOT one of them. But, give me enough mojitos and who knows?
    So good to hear about Charlie. Gotta love the power of faith!

  2. Enjoy yourself.....enjoy every moment with those fabulous friends the Lord had sent you.... Can't wait to see you on Friday!