Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have received tons of emails (and I mean tons) regarding the Keys 4 Art retreat.  I am so thrilled that so many people find it as awesome as we do and would like to attend.

The Keys 4 Art retreat was born from a desire to meet "my girls".   I had hosted a few round robin journals (a never ending series of them actually) and the way I've done that is I initially invited about 12 women I had met online to participate in the first round robin journal (Through the Eyes of an Artist).  For every other journal after this one, I invited the same group of ladies.  If anyone decided they didn't want to participate in the next  project then I would invite someone else (from a group of ladies recommended by the group members).  Follow me?

Now, the ones invited to the Keys 4 Art are the ladies in my journals.  IF anyone decided they did not want to come, then that would leave a place open to invite someone else.  Last year I had 12 ladies invited - this year it was 16 which is the absolute maximum amount (remember this is hosted in my house!).  There are 16 because that has been the number of artists in our last journals.

So, basically, the only way to add someone new is if someone drops out and that has yet to happen.  I have never wanted to make this an "open" retreat.  The most beautiful part of it is that we are friends all year - connecting on a daily basis - and then get together for our big slumber party!

But I am so pleased that so many people feel this retreat is worth wanting to come to!!!  Thank you!


  1. What have you started?????? We all love you Elena!!!!!!!!

  2. Drop out you say?!? HELL no!!! you are such a big part of my life now,that would be like cutting off a limb!!!

  3. No one is taking my spot without a knock down, drag out fight. LOL!!!