Thursday, September 16, 2010


I just today received Lynne Perella's new book ART MAKING & STUDIO SPACES and have to tell you it is FANTASTIC.

I tend to buy lots and lots of books. There are times when I am not very happy at all with the purchase. But Lynne Perella has never let me down! Every time I buy one of her books I love it.

If you want some wonderful eye candy, some amazing advice on storage and a book you will go back to time and time again, this is definitely IT.

Now I am ANXIOUSLY (read that to mean extremely impatiently) waiting for Pam Carriker's book ART AT THE SPEED OF LIFE which I have pre-ordered.

I love Pam Carriker. She is not only an amazing artist but the nicest person you will ever meet. She is a "star" in the world of mixed media art and yet never ever hesitates to answer emails and just be so unbelievably nice! If you are not familiar with Pam, there is an amazing class called JOURNAL 365 where she teaches new techniques for an entire year. Usually once a month. Check her out! You will love her! The class is not cheap but if you break it down into the 12 months of classes you are paying only $10 per class!! No way to beat that! Besides, she is totally amazing.

(Yes, I am an enabler!!! LOL!!!)


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