Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On September 3rd I posted a picture of the story book I made for Ali's Story Book Project. That one is on it's way to Lee in Australia. I received Ali's story book and have now completed my contribution.

Ali's starts the story like this:

"I want to share with you my journey of how I became a gypsy. It was 1901 and I was visiting my grandmother in Costantinople. I had been touring in the area when I came upon a small town called Iznik, situated on the eastern shore of Lake Iznik. As I entered the town a woman in her fifties approached me and said "Oh, Alexa! You've come home!!" I looked puzzled, I had never been there before and she knew me?"

These two pages are my contribution to her story book:

I continue the story:

Then a much younger and very beautiful gypsy woman approached me and holding my hand said softly, "No, you are not Alexa are you? You are much too young."

"Where are you from my dear?" asked the older gypsy woman.

"I really don't know" I replied, "I was brought up in an orphanage and don't know who my parents were or where they were from. I was only told my mother was merely a child when she gave birth to me ... That she died in labor and the nuns took me in at birth."

The older gypsy woman, with a strange look of happiness on her face took my hand and led me to their gypsy trailer.

"Let me read your cards my child, there is much that we must know."

"It is she," the younger gypsy woman whispered to herself "she has come home."

You see, the grandmother was not REALLY her grandmother after all but a kindly old lady who loved her as such.

Ali's story book will be on its way to Lee tomorrow for her contribution to the story!


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  1. OMG this is getting exciting!What a great tale!