Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playing Catch-up!!

I've been so very busy lately that I've fallen somewhat behind in my commitments. I hate that but I also wont just throw something together to meet a deadline. As I had written before, I am hosting a journal project called I DREAM IN COLORS. This project is fashioned after a wonderful project by Lynn Perella (True Colors) which was published by Stampington in a publication by the same name. If you don't have it.. buy it!! Totally worth it.

These are the two pages I did for Eileen Bellomo's journal. Hope she likes it!


  1. You did good, girlfriend! I am pleased as can be and will cherish these pages always.
    I'm actually a little at a loss for words. Thesse pages are just so special and original. Wow!

  2. These are way cool Elena, you go girlfriend for sure !!! This are just Awesome, well done. I think it is so great to know someone else that share's a great passion for Zetti. I really enjoyed seeing these. I want to create an art doll Zetti related ? I am going to challenge myself, I think that will be fun. What is your favorite color Elena?
    Thanks for sharing, go Zetti !!
    Did you see my Zetti's on my blog?
    Hugs, Laura.

  3. I scrolled doown this far and couldnt go any further without tellinh you how great your zetti stuff is! It is all amazing! Love everything you have done, I am going to give it a go real soon.