Tuesday, July 14, 2009


As promised, these are the pages I did while at Teesha's "PLAY" Retreat this past weekend in Port Townsend, Washington. This was my first venture into ZETTI and I am totally hooked.

Wanted to share some interesting info with you guys: I asked Teesha where the term "Zetti" came from and what it meant. It turns out that her husband, Traci, who is also an amazing artist by the way, had been creating these really cool characters that they wanted to make stamps out of. Well, Traci loves to write little fiction stories to go with his fictional characters and he decided that the characters were residents of the Planet Zetti; thus the study of these characters was "zettiology"! How cool is that little tidbit of information?!

The pictures tell the story. The retreat was at this wonderful national park, Fort Worden National Park in Port Townsend Washington. The building in the picture (that says USO) is where the "play room" was. The retreat only had maybe 8 or 9 women so it was wonderful!! Got lots of one-on-one and everyone was super excited to be there! The fort was an old military installation and our rooms were those little ones shown in the picture with a bed and a chair!! They were super clean and comfortable and we had one big communal bathroom!!! We had a list as to who took showers when and even THAT worked out great because everyone else wanted to be up before me!!!

We each got these cool name buttons made by Teesha.

The crazy ones in the pictures are Tracy Kaufman and I. We had so much fun together! Meeting Tracy was absolutely wonderful!! Everyone was surprised that we had just "met" at this retreat (we had become friends via email) and Teesha told us we were "like an old married couple"!!! She's an awesome artist and an awesome person and I feel privileged to have met her.

The wonderful lady in the middle of the two of us is Teesha Moore. What an incredible delight it was to meet her. Teesha is humble and even shy! She emanates a tranquility around her that is so amazing. Her art, as we all know is unbelievable but the most wonderful thing was her passion for journaling. Both she and her husband Traci truly believe that journaling is important; that what you leave behind matters. She infused us with a new passion for this art for which I will be forever grateful.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Looks like you have been doing it for years. Well done. Love it.

  2. Totally above "awesome" !!!
    Thanks for sharing, I love the name buttom. What a treasure, special memories. I am enjoy all the details so much. If their is more to come, that would be grand.LOL.
    You art is amazing, so excting.
    I love the picture's too.
    Hugs, Laura. Go Zetti !!!!!
    Thanks again for sharing, really great seeing everything.
    Fabulous Elena !!!

  3. WOW Elena

    Your zetti pages are fantastic, it looks like you have always created them rather than these being your first ones, Looking forward to seeing more of your zetti pages in the future, love your work !!!!!

  4. Elena! If you ever dare say again that you're not an artist, I will have to hunt you down and slap you! Your pages are awesome, and I have to agree with the other looks like this has been your style for years, not like your first pages. Boy, I sure hope to see some zetti from you in my journals...hint, hint. I love everything you did, and am insanely jealous that you got to hang with Tracy (who looks from her picture like the hoot she sounds like in our groups). Sigh....someday...

  5. Hope for more thougths of Teesha,this has been such fun Elena.
    Hugs, Laura.

  6. My good friend Eileen shared your blog with me -- AFTER you attended Teesha's workshop. I would have loved to have gone! It looks like you learned a lot and I'm wishing she would have another, but I see that she has said she won't do more this year. Oh well.