Friday, June 26, 2009

Recent "STUFF"

I wish I had the discipline to upload everything I do but I just don't. Most of the time it's an accomplishment just to get things done on time.... never mind taking pictures of it and uploading!!!

TAGS, TAGS and more TAGS! Love these things!!! Ali Brandist from the UK is the Queen of Tags!! We just finished a collaborative tag project and have started two more. One of them is called Gypsy Souls and is about...... you guessed it! Gypsies!! The second one is very very cool. It's a Fairy Garden Tag book and the way we were instructed by Ali to do it is that the first tag should depict the entrance to the fairy garden; 4 tags in between and then the last tag should depict a gate or enclosure of the garden. I have no idea where Ali comes up with these wonderful ideas! I'm just glad to be a part of it!!! So these are the tags for Gypsy Soul and Fairy Garden. They will now make the rounds between the UK, Canada and the US and when they come back will be absolutely SPECTACULAR!!

The Zetti layout is one I did for Tracy Kaufman. She and I are part of a collaborative journal which I have told everyone about already - Through the Eyes of an Artist - and these pages were what I did for her journal which is now on it's way to Ali in the UK.


  1. Hi Elena, The zetti's are fab, am looking forward to working on your lovely tag book !

  2. Love,love love these tags!

  3. Super awesome !!!!!!
    Great work Elena, Hugs Laura.