Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I am taken aback by the amount of "hate mail" I have been receiving regarding our same-sex marriage case.   The bigots and the bible thumpers......  the insecure and the scared..... Wow!!!  People saying that homosexuality can be "cured"!!  Sure, let's just go to some therapy.... that solves everything.

Being gay in this world is HARD.  The bigotry, rejection and outright hate has to be intolerable.  Yet these ignorant hate-mongers claim that it is a choice people make.  That it is "deviant behavior".  And these, for the most part, are the people who claim they believe in God.  Maybe there is more than one God?????  MY God loves everyone - he made us all perfect JUST AS WE ARE.  (Sorry for the caps but it infuriates me to read this shit!)

Last night the Attorney General for the State of Florida filed her Motion to Intervene in our case in order to "protect" Floridians stating that allowing same sex marriages will cause "great public harm".  Now, don't get me wrong, part of being an attorney is being creative - we are all good at it - or at least those of us that are any good at this job!!  LOL!!!  BUT - the allegation that allowing same sex marriages "will cause great public harm" goes beyond creativity and into the realm of the ridiculous.

Marriage, ladies and gentlemen, is no more than a contract between two consenting adults.  THAT'S IT.  How does being GAY alter the fact that you are a consenting adult with the right to enter into a contract?  What is it about this topic that causes so much HATE?  Really????  Why do people CARE?  How does it hurt them?

Viewed another way - over 60% of first marriages end in divorce.  Why can't our GLT friends be just as miserable as we are???????????  LOL!!!

Have an awesome day everyone.

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