Monday, January 27, 2014


Okay, so my word for this year is PURPOSE. As part of that goal, as part of my purpose, I want to become healthier and more fit. I am eating better and I have joined Yoga. I always thought yoga was for wimps. Well, the universe has proven me wrong!

I started with "gentle" yoga for the first couple of classes. It was sort of challenging but I could handle it. This, I have come to realize, is the way they set you up with a false sense of security. They build you up only to bring you to your knees when you realize how old and out of shape you are. It's really quite cruel.

Today we did what I was told was a more challenging class. "I can do it" I tell myself….. "I was a dancer for years" I tell myself. What I DIDN'T stop to tell myself is that I have not done ANYTHING more physical than lifting a pen in the past 23 years!!!! Todays' ASHTANGA class just totally KICKED MY ASS!!! Was I the one that said that Yoga is for wimps????? Why even a dog can do it!!!

1 comment:

    Yep,yoga regularly kicks my ass,and I've been doing it for years!
    So proud of you tho Elena! Keep it up!!!
    XO Sue