Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I can not believe it has been two months since I posted anything!

After the March 9th post we had a wonderful retreat for our Keys 4 Art 2013.  I have to say I believe it was the best retreat we have ever had.  We rented a fabulous house here in the Keys which was so much more comfortable for everyone.  We got to spend so much more quality time together.  God I love these women.  They are funny, talented, loving and most of all great friends.  I probably will not go back and post specifics about the retreat - I lost my camera during the retreat and along with it all my pictures - but visit Eileen's Blog which is always wonderful and her five postings on Keys 4 Art 2013.

After the retreat I had some health issues which brought into focus that I am getting older and fighting it every step of the way!

Over the past week my mother has been in intensive care - one day they tell us to contact hospice and the next day they tell us she is better!!!  It's hard to be on this roller coaster!!

My beautiful grandbaby Maddie turned 3 years old on May 4th.  She is such a cutie!  She continues to be a terrorist but she is such a love bug you just have to forgive her!!

So here we are, two months later and I have missed venting with everyone.  Hope everyone is well and happy!  I will be more diligent about my posts!  So many things to share!!!!

So what have you guys been up to?

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