Monday, August 9, 2010


I have absolutely no idea how that happened! I take a nap at 25 and wake up and I"m almost 50 years old! I'm pretty lucky, I've been through a lot and have come out it stronger for it. I have a VERY SHORT bucket list and that is nothing to sneeze at!

My last birthday party was my 15s!! So, I have decided to not just have a party for my half century mark, but to have a BLOW OUT! I am still thinking about the details but the theme will be the 1970s! You remember those days don't you???? The tie-dye clothes, the platform shoes, the bell bottom pants!! Oh my how I loved those bell bottoms! The bigger the better!!

Everyone will be required to dress up in 70s style clothing - ALL OF IT!!! Headbands, jesus sandals, boots, and of course those wonderful platform shoes!!! I have already made plans with a DJ who will play music from the 70s and with a videographer who will have 1970s movies playing all night on a big screen. Can anyone say Saturday Night Fever?

So many ideas!! If you have any ideas to share please do so!!! If you have your favorite songs from the 70s please share them with me!!!

It should be wonderful!


  1. You have GOT to take lots of pictures of this event and post them to your blog. What a load of memories that will bring back. LOL!!!!

  2. love it! Paper Niche hosted a 70's party and Tammy, being a fabulous hostess, dressed up, she served the popular foods of the 70's. I will send you pictures. wow... you'll be "a half a century old".... the prime of your old age!!!!! (ha, ha, ha).

  3. ABBA, Donna Summer, disco ball, some incense... you'll have a BLAST!! 50 is the new 20 ;) LOVE YOU!