Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Had my grand daughters for the past 3 days while their mother worked. Let's just say that God is brilliant. He knows when to stop our biological clock's ticking because He KNOWS that after a certain age we just can't do this!!! Kaitlynn is 3 and Maddie is 1 month old. Up every 3 hours... Kaitlynn wanting to see cartoons at 4:00 am when Maddie wakes her up! Yep! WAAAAAYYYYY too old for this!!! Need to get some updated pictures of Maddie posted. Didn't have my camera this week because my daughter had my car (with the camera in the trunk) so I couldn't take any pictures but will post some soon.

They left about two hours ago and despite the fact that I am always anxious to see them, I wasn't heart broken to see them leave!!! LOL!!! They will be back Friday for my husband's birthday!

I haven't done very much art lately. No time! But I did complete two of the round robin journals I had pending:

This was was for Lee Hyne's Dream Journal:

This one was for Tracy's I Dream In Colors Journal:

Tracy and I talk about our families a lot and when I saw these images I just pictured her and her brother! This little girl has the kind of mischief in her eyes that Tracy still has in hers!


  1. Great pages. Doesn't every family have one kid who always "didn't do it"? I love to see my grandkids and they are coming out for Father's Day but I am happy to see them leave too. If they lived closer I'd see them for shorter time spans and that would be easier. They exhaust me!

  2. Hey, even if you are tired and don't feel like doing any art come look at the journaling class blog. It'll rev up your energy level.

  3. Yeah, I'm finally ready for grandchildren, I think. I'm ready to hug them and love them and then hand them back. I think going through planning this wedding has certified me as grandparent material.

  4. the joy of "grandma's world"......yes, take some pictures please!