Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've been working on my journal this weekend. So many things going on. These are my last two pages.

I am taking on line classes with JULIE PRICHARD and absolutely love them! I am making journals this weekend. Taking her Super Nova 1 class - she teaches how to make 3 very cool journals. I've done two of them so far and love the way they look. I will photograph them and post them tomorrow. I am taking all four of her classes: Super Nova I and II (journal making and journaling); Layer Love (painting awesome journal pages); and a class of Color with Chris Cozen. They are all fantastic.


  1. Oh wow.... these are full of emotion. Very touching and I'm honored that you've shared them here.

    I am so sorry about your son.... you're in my thoughts... as well as him.

    The face on the journal page on the top is very nice... I feel like that sometimes too.

  2. Two fantastic pages. Theres' a lot of work in that second one. Therapeutic, isn't it? I did the Layer Love class and thoroughly loved it. It certainly informs a lot of my current painting techniques.

  3. You've got a lot on your plate right now and grieving at the same time for both dad and son. Thank goodness for art being a great outlet for it all. Maybe your son is also under the stress of losing his grandpa. He can quit again - let's keep the hope. I'll add my prayers. Keep up the good work on your journaling. It's terrific. It makes me think you are generally a ray of sunshine for your family as that light comes through in these pages. Hang in there, better times ahead.

  4. I have such conflicting emotions looking at your journal pages, Elena. On the one hand, appreciating the beauty of them, and the artist in me admiring the work.
    On the other hand, feeling your pain, and worrying about your son.
    You are brave to share them, and I am grateful that you have.

  5. Elena,
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pages! I'm sure journaling is helping you through all this pain.

  6. Elena
    What powerful pages! They are beautiful to look at-the background in the second one is fabulous. I understand the feelings and emotions in the second one so well. It is really hard. If it is any consolation, my son was in his mid thirties before he finally got his act together and he is happy and healthy today.

  7. Amazing pages as usual. I am so proud of how you are handling your lose. AS always it is with compassion and acceptance.

  8. Elena, I love the way your different fonts blend together, I never think to do that and keep the writing all the same style. Janet B. (soul Journaling)